South Florida: No-Name WindStorm.

Did you have any damage to your property due to the unexpected and extraordinary windstorm that swept through South Florida last Tuesday, November 16th, 2023? This no-ordinary and no forecasted, no-name storm was incredibly rare and unique, with wind speeds and strength surpassing all expectations.

The rain was relentless, resulting in water levels rising to flood levels. These are some of the facts so far:

  • The windstorm was unexpected and extraordinary, causing significant damage to properties.
  • The storm had above-ordinary wind speed and strength, surpassing all expectations.
  • Water levels rose to flood levels due to relentless rain.
  • Properties experienced roof leaks, window failures, and flooding.
  • Construction projects faced delays and some structures collapsed.
  • Debris flying through the air caused additional damage and posed a danger.
  • Operational delays and power outages were widespread.
  • Restaurants suffered from power loss, leading to spoilage of produce and proteins.
  • Associations with businesses attached to communities faced challenges and closures.
  • Residential and commercial buildings had flooded garages and damaged roofs, balconies, and pool decks.


  • Remove/dry as much water as possible by using mops, towels and/or fans.
  • Retain the services of a professional and licensed mitigation company, if the water damage is significant and cannot be managed by yourself.
  • Dry personal property affected by water to mitigate further water damage.
  • Remove personal property from rooms or areas affected by the water and store in other areas not affected by the water; be sure the personal property is dry before storing in non-affected areas.
  • Take numerous photos and videos of all water affected and damaged areas, including photos and videos of water damages personal property.
  • Make a list of all water damaged personal property items.


  • Let the water stand for more than a couple of hours.
  • Cut drywall or tear out damaged building materials before the water damage is photographed and properly documented.
  • Use your household vacuum to remove water.
  • Make any repairs before consulting your public adjuster.
  • Use unlicensed and/or uninsured contractors to mitigate the damages.

To recover successfully from loss and damage, here are three things to remember:

  •  Our Team stands ready to assist immediately. All of the great resources and relationships within our network are also ready and prepped to assist as quickly necessary. 
  •  Once the water recedes and it is safe, it is imperative for a successful claim recovery that Associations and homeowners begin mitigation and clean up efforts. Make sure you are documenting the loss and damage, and if you can, gather your property and flood policy as quickly as possible.
  •  For information on filing flood claims, read our article on How to Make a Hurricane or Flood Claim

Should you, your association, or your business experience loss or damage, CALL US FIRST!

With GlobalPro, your insurance coverage expert, you’re not alone in this journey. We’re here before, during, and after any loss or damage, providing the pedigree and experience you need.

The GlobalPro Team stands ready to assist your community association, your business, and you with all of our resources.


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