GlobalPro teams up with professional organizations, corporate clients, and vendors serving the interest of businesses to conduct interactive seminars on a wide range of insurance topics, including a review of current insurance news, insurance market trends, disaster planning, protective safeguards, and interactive Q&A. Each seminar is taught by one of GlobalPro’s very own, highly trained licensed insurance professionals and most classes qualify for licensing continuing education credits.


GlobalPro will tailor workshops for your organization to meet those demands and to properly prepare and educate your board or executives on insurance topics. The demands of privately-held businesses, non-profits, condominium associations, homeowner associations, and co-ops varies from organization to organization. Whether its preventative planning or coordinated efforts to recovery, GlobalPro will deliver an informative lesson on insurance.


GlobalPro strives to meet the demands of its clients by offering one-on-one insurance review and training. Most businesses and high-net worth individuals must consider the rising cost of insurance and the changing weather patterns, which both impacts their ability to protect their assets. GlobalPro’s experienced team works directly with its clients on a one-on-one basis to ensure its clients are properly insured and have installed proper protective measures to maximize their coverage and recovery.