Mastering the Three D’s of Damage: Document, Describe, Defend!

When nature’s wrath strikes, it’s essential to navigate the aftermath with resilience and preparedness. In the face of the Storm Season, your path to recovery is illuminated by these vital steps.

Document – Capture the chaos with unwavering detail. Use your lens as a compass through the storm’s aftermath. Snap pictures, record videos, even unleash a drone if possible. Every image etches a part of your journey.

Describe – Precision matters when recounting the damage. Be concise, yet crystal clear. It’s not just any water damage; it’s hurricane-related. Not wind-driven rain, but the hurricane’s impact. And never to be confused with mold-related woes. Clarity is your ally.

Defend – In the quest for recovery, defending your rights is paramount. Use your comprehensive documentation to substantiate your claim. Comply with all notice requirements and post-loss duties meticulously. Insist that your insurer investigates and fulfills their statutory and contractual obligations.

But here’s the secret ingredient to success: Should you, your association, or your business experience loss or damage, CALL US FIRST!

With GlobalPro, your insurance coverage expert, you’re not alone in this journey. We’re here before, during, and after any loss or damage, providing the pedigree and experience you need.

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