In The News: GlobalPro Touches Down in the Panhandle to Hurricane Michael Victims

GlobalPro, a leading insurance risk and recovery firm is on the ground offering aid and assistance to the Hurricane Michael victims in the hard hit areas of the Panhandle. Bringing 5,000 bottles of clean water to those in need, GlobalPro’s team is there to help in any way that they can. As the post-storm industry landscape becomes increasingly confusing, many policyholders miss important deadlines and face other roadblocks to the effective filing and settlement of their claim.  GlobalPro is already working with local business owners affected by the storm, and is available to help offers solutions to other Hurricane Michael victims with insurance claims that need to be filed or have been delayed, underpaid or denied.

It is imperative to note that Insurance Companies are betting on policyholders’ mismanagement of their claims, and the Carrier’s bottom line benefits from the mistakes. The policyholder’s responses to insurance company requests, and the timing of those responses, are extremely important. These interactions with the insurance company will determine the home and business owner’s chances of recovering the maximum amount for their Hurricane Michael damages. GlobalPro is able to step in and ensure these claims are properly managed so that maximum recovery is received.

Policyholders must protect themselves by getting answers from GlobalPro’s expert team. The family owned company has represented policyholders for more than a decade and has recovered in excess of $100,000,000 from some of the most devastating storms in history. GlobalPro knows what it takes to get the policyholder back to how they were prior to the loss. In addition, GlobalPro’s expert team only works on contingency fee, which means they only get paid if they are able to get a recovery.

“Hurricane Michael is being called one of the worst storms to ever hit Florida’s Panhandle, with over 200,000 devastated by its strength,” said Daniel Odess, President of GlobalPro. “Our team at GlobalPro is very familiar with the aftermath of a hurricane like this, and knew we had to get out there and help right away. Recognizing that the mishandling of claims has caused so many to remain open for as long as a year post-storm, we want to offer our assistance in every step of the claims process to ensure these victims can recover and rebuild as quickly as possible.” 

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