In The News: Corona Virus Impacts South Florida Retail Market

The Real Deal Miami reached out to Daniel B. Odess, President of GlobalPro Recovery, was interviewed regarding what options local businesses or community associations may have during this COVID-19 crisis and how it may relate to the losses recovered by those affected in the recent Zika crisis during the summer of 2016. 

Daniel Odess, president of insurance firm GlobalPro, said that his company was able to recover losses for commercial property owners, including restaurants and hotels, due to the Zika outbreak. Odess said the chemicals used to combat the infected mosquitoes had corrosive properties, which caused physical damage.

He said coronavirus could cause physical damage because it sits on surfaces for extended periods of time. He compared it to the soot left from a fire. “That is covered by insurance.”

– The Real Deal Miami

The narrative is changing…

Regarding the issues that we have been presented with in regards to direct physical damage. We now have executive orders that are confirming that this virus is causing physical damage. There is also the issue regarding Civil Authority, and whether or not you would be entitled to certain recoveries. Again, the narrative is changing regarding essential business,what isn’t an essential business, or those that are not, and whether or not your business is considered one of the two categories.

The reality of the situation is that you do want to make your claim and to understand that “A claim that was never filed, doesn’t ever get paid.” We want to make sure that you file your claims,  we want to make sure that you put your insurers on notice by filing that claim. Our multidisciplinary team is available 24/7 to help guide our clients through every step of the risk and recovery journey and strive to take the pressure off our clients by handling the entire loss recovery process starting with pre-loss planning through to the adjustment of insurance claims and disbursement.

GlobalPro guides our clients through our signature process: Ready, Recover, Rebuild. We want to analyze your insurance, we want to look at how you are recovering, and where you are going to go and how you are going to rebuild from this. It’s important to look at those things because there may be costs associated with you ramping back up. It’s essential as a business or community association to be thinking about how you are going to get ready for the next event because when your business prevails from this, you may be presented with new risk. It’s important as we get ready to recover and rebuild from this loss and we plan for what’s to come, that we look at these issues and we look beyond the initial narrative, the loud and fast narrative of : “You’re not covered”, and we start to see this evolution of a different type of discussion which is  “Maybe, maybe you are covered.”.


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