How To Walk Your Building: Explore the Essentials Components and Enhance Your Building’s Inspection Skills.

By Matthew Sengsourinh

One of GlobalPro’s missions is to empower Community Association Managers (CAMs) with a comprehensive understanding of building maintenance and inspection, 

GlobalPro’s President, Matthew Sengsourinh, has been spearheading  enlightening educational events. These gathering serve as an opportunity for CAMs to acquire invaluable insights into the art of conducting condo building walkthroughs, by employing a comprehensive checklist to ensure the longevity and functionality of various building elements.

Roof: Covering all Aspects Above.

Detailed discussion on roof inspection, where CAMs learn to scrutinize crucial elements: 


Clearing debris to prevent blockages and ensuring proper ventilation. 

– ROOF SURFACE: Detecting signs of damage like cracking, curling, or granule loss. 

– TILE ASSESSMENT: Checking for cracks, missing or loose tiles. 

– STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY: Identifying soft spots and water pooling, if any. 

– SLOPE AND DRAINAGE: Ensuring the roof slopes efficiently towards drains. 

– WATER DAMAGE EVALUATION: Addressing complaints from unit owners or visible water damage. 

Cooling Tower and Chillers: Keeping Cool and Efficient.

Delve into the intricacies of cooling tower and chiller maintenance: 

– DRAINAGE AND CLEANLINESS:Ensuring proper drainage and preventing mildew buildup. 

– VIBRATION MANAGEMENT:Monitoring vibrations and understanding the significance of spring-raised units. 

– ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Identifying variable frequency drive systems and their impact on electricity


– CHILLER INSPECTION: Addressing vibrations,sound dampening, and checking essential components. 

Air Handlers and Boilers: The Heart of Comfort.

A thorough examination of air handlers and boilers is cover in this segment:  

– FILTER CHECK: Inspecting and replacing filters as needed. 

-ELECTRICAL ASSESSMENT:  Ensuring electrical components are functioning optimally. 

– FAN PERFORMANCE:  Verifying the proper operation of fans for air circulation. 

– BOILER INSPECTION: Scrutinizing piping, pumps, and overall boiler condition. 

Parking Lots, Stucco, and Pool Area: From Ground to Structure.

An exploration of various aspects of the building’s exterior and amenities: 

– PARKING LOT AND GARAGE: Detecting settlement, cracks, and understanding the difference between expansion joints and cracks. 

– STUCCO EVALUATION: Checking all elevations, balconies, edges, and railings for integrity. 

– POOL DECK AND PUMP ROOM: Identifying issues like broken tiles or shifted pavers, and checking underneath elevated areas. 

Essential Infrastructure: Seawalls, Transformers & Generators.

Delve into the crucial infrastructure that supports the building.

– SEA WALL INTEGRITY: Identifying settlement, shifts, or concrete deterioration. 

– ELECTRICAL ASSESSMENT: Monitoring for recent surges or lightning strikes. 

– GENERATOR OPERATIONS: Ensuring proper functioning and knowledge of fuel storage. 

Facility Maintenance: Gym & Elevator Pit.

Explore interior facility components:

– GYM CONDITION: Identifying signs of wear and tear,rust, or maintenance needs.

– ELEVATOR PIT AND MECHANICALS: Addressing alarms, codes, and the new door locking mechanism requirement. 

We truly believe that GlobalPro’s educational event provided CAMs with a comprehensive guide to inspecting and maintaining various elements of condo buildings. As a result, a foundation has been created for these CAMs, who are now better prepared to meet their fiduciary duties by upholding the quality of living for residents and protecting the value of the properties under their care. 

Empowering your Property Management Team.

Elevate your property management team’s capabilities by engaging with GlobalPro. 

Contact us to arrange a customized educational event that equips your CAMs with the skills they need to excel in their roles. 

Let’s work together to ensure the success of your properties and the satisfaction of your residents. now better prepared to meet their fiduciary duties by upholding the quality of living for residents and protecting the value of the properties under their care.

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