GlobalPro’s Advanced Technology Improves Risk Evaluation, Damage Assessment and Claims Process

Do you know the current physical condition of your home, business or condominium building? Could there be a hidden leak in the roof, a broken pipe under the floor or a crack in the wall that allows wind, rain, insects or rodents to enter the structure and damage your property and personal possessions?

Today’s advanced technology tools can help answer those questions, so you can fix a problem at your home or business before it becomes worse. Along with evaluating your current risks, these state-of-the-art tools can play an important role in assessing overall damage after a storm, flood or other natural disaster, accelerating the insurance claims process.

GlobalPro Recovery is an industry leader in using many types of technology for pre-loss planning, crisis management, handling insurance claims and coordinating property reconstruction. Here are three examples of how our experienced team of professionals is deploying technology as part of our full-service concierge support for clients.

  • Drones. GlobalPro uses drones equipped with real-time photo and video feeds to capture the details of the roof, walls or other aspects of a building. It’s a fast and effective approach for documenting current conditions, and identifying problems at an early stage. Our professionals also use drones for damage assessment purposes, helping us to resolve claims for our clients more rapidly after a natural disaster. They are particularly useful for gaining information during bad weather or when the condition of a building makes it unsafe to send in human inspectors.

  • Moisture and thermal imaging. A high level of moisture inside a home or business is often the sign of a hidden water problem that could be damaging the interior or creating ideal conditions for mold growth. GlobalPro uses the latest moisture and thermal-imaging instruments to detect these types of problems before they can the damage becomes evident and costly remediation work is necessary. These sensitive devices are also invaluable in documenting interior damage after a disaster, helping you achieve a full recovery for your losses.
  • Proprietary software. Using a state-of-the-art application called VisualsXpress that allows our experienced professionals to analyze claims and determine the size of the financial loss. Our clients typically recover substantially higher amounts than the offers received from their insurance companies – thanks in part to our ability to clearly document their losses.

GlobalPro Recovery is dedicated to helping business owners, homeowners, managers and institutions fill a gap in their insurance risk management programs. As a strategic partner to a highly select worldwide clientele and their professional advisers, we help manage the risks to loss recovery following an insurance-related loss. To learn more, visit us at

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