GlobalPro Steps in to Assist Neighbors Impacted by Balch Springs Wildfire 

GlobalPro Steps in to Assist Neighbors Impacted by Balch Springs Wildfire 

When a wildfire raced through a nearby field damaging and destroying 26 homes in the city of Balch Springs last week, GlobalPro Texas didn’t hesitate to help. As a leading insurance risk and recovery firm, GlobalPro is no stranger to natural disasters. The team drove straight there and coordinated with Sharing Life Community Outreach and Opal J. Smith Food Pantry to meet the immediate needs of those who had lost their homes. The team purchased children’s clothing, pet food, and disposable dinnerware to distribute to families. For three days the GlobalPro team met with the affected homeowners while sorting clothing and food donations as they poured in. 

During conversations with the residents, it became clear that many people were unsure how to navigate their insurance coverage. While unfortunate, insurance companies are betting on a policyholder to mismanage their claim. Their bottom line depends on it. Deadlines for responding to insurance company requests are extremely important, and anything you say can be used against you. GlobalPro’s team is here to help manage claims properly and ensure the policyholder recovers the full amount for fire and smoke damage, personal property, and additional living expenses.

Rob Bowlby, President of GlobalPro Texas showed up at the Spring Ridge HOA fair on Saturday with an iPad and printer in tow to help those affected read through and fully understand their insurance policy. “The fire was absolutely devastating, but I was amazed to see the community rally behind the victims. The sheer number of people who donated food and clothing was incredible. After speaking with neighbors at the Hampton Inn, we are all so thankful that no one was hurt. I know that the resilience of this community and faith in God will get them through this difficult time.”

Policyholders can best protect themselves by getting answers from GlobalPro’s expert team. The family-owned company has represented policyholders for more than a decade and has recovered over $1 billion from some of the most devastating natural disasters during our time. GlobalPro knows what it takes to restore the policyholder back to their pre-loss condition. In addition, GlobalPro works on a contingency fee, which means they only get paid once they secure a client’s recovery. We want to offer our assistance at every step of the claims process to ensure the neighbors of Balch Springs can recover and rebuild as quickly as possible. 

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