GlobalPro Team Represents 1,000 Community Associations

Our Team’s years of experience is a major contributing factor to its continued success and growth. This year, the bar was set high, however the Team was committed to advocating for our clients’ rights. Over the years, GlobalPro’s Team has collectively recovered more than $100,000,000 for Community Associations across the United States. Major weather events have led to record breaking disasters throughout the country and abroad. While on the front lines, GlobalPro has focused its efforts on some of the largest disasters that have impacted Associations and business owners. Through those efforts, its team reached another milestone. In November of 2016, GlobalPro Team of Insurance Adjusters and Experts collectively represented it’s 1,000th Association. GlobalPro clearly knows what it’s doing when it comes to Association and business owner representation.

GlobalPro’s Team has represented marquee properties domestically and abroad. Among those Association clients, it was retained to represent several losses valued at more than $10mm. The cause of the damages vary from construction to weather, first and third party liability, and include a complex financial loss claim.

Although, these claims present tremendous opportunity for our Team, we remain focused on the day to day insurance needs of our clients. In an effort to deliver even more value to our policyholder clients, GlobalPro added an Advocacy to assist policyholders in the procurement of new insurance or renewal process. We recognize that the only way to a speedy recovery is to ensure our clients are insured properly.

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