GlobalPro Celebrates 11 Years of Disrupting the Insurance Industry

Our mission at GlobalPro is to protect our Insureds by disrupting the insurance industry. For over a decade we have advocated tirelessly for Insureds in this pursuit.

Traditionally, the material for an eleven year anniversary is steel. Steel is created by melting down a select combination of metals through a series of high heat processes. Once mixed and melted into liquid, extreme pressure forces the liquid into the shape of the “die,” and steel is forged.

The pedigree of our GlobalPro Family is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in insurance, law, engineering, finance, and technology.

After 11 years we have successfully managed tens of thousands of claim, representing over 1300 community associations, hundreds of business owners and thousands of private clients. 

The pedigree of our team, our determination, and our grit is unmatched. The die has been cut, and today we are proud and grateful to have successfully managed the recovery of over $1,000,000,000 for our clients.

All of this is impossible to accomplish without the dedication of our team, the support of our families and friends, and of course our amazing clients!

The foundation of our team, our process, and our success has been firmly galvanized by ALL OF YOU.

And like steel, the GlobalPro family will stand the test of time, in full pursuit of protecting Insureds in all the ways that we can.

THANK YOU to all of you! Salute to forging 11 years, we hope to protect you for hundreds more!

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