Brace Yourself for Storm Season: What to Expect and How to Stay Informed

It is officially Storm Season 

Although experts have projected an average season, forecasters caution that even in typical years, coastal states could face destructive storms. Here is what you can anticipate in the upcoming months.

What is the forecasted number of hurricanes?

According to officials from NOAA, a forecast for the hurricane season suggests it will be of average intensity. They anticipate the formation of 12 to 17 named tropical storms, out of which five to nine have the potential to develop into hurricanes. Furthermore, they expect that up to four of these hurricanes could intensify into major hurricanes, classified as category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

How many hurricanes will make landfall?

None of the seasonal predictions extend to forecasting the number of storms that could reach the Caribbean or the United States. However, historical data has demonstrated that even during seasons with an average or below-average storm count, there remains a potential for devastating landfalls.

Which environmental factors are influencing the current situation this year?

The level of activity during this year’s hurricane season will be significantly influenced by two conflicting factors: El Niño, which hampers the development of storms, and near record-high ocean temperatures, which serve as a source of energy for hurricanes.

However, there is another factor that could counterbalance or even surpass the influence of El Niño this year. The sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean are currently at or close to record-high levels, aligning with the conditions associated with active hurricane seasons.

Stay Informed

Head over to the GlobalPro Storm Center for the latest updates on weather conditions, storm tracking, safety tips, and more. We’re here to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to navigate through the stormy season ahead.

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Please make the proper arrangements to secure your property and to quickly recover in the event of a loss. We hope that your Associations, your businesses, and/or your homes, weather the storms, however, if your Association, business, or home suffers any damage, make sure you CALL US FIRST!


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