Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

How to Prepare

  • Get a Certified copy of the policy –Copy, Store and Share
  • Review your policy and ask questions –check Duties in the Event of a Loss or Damage
  • Retain a local mitigation contractor before storm season
  • Retain a public adjuster before storm season; send us your policy before the storm
  • Confirm access to ALL UNITS and common areas
  • Multiple phone numbers for unit owners, i.e.: cell phone and emergency contact
  • Survey unit owners to find out where they are going, if they evacuate
  • Advise unit owners to retain copies of their own policies –review coverage for Additional Living Expenses (ALE)
  • Educate your unit owners about the cost and time it takes to recover from Hurricane damages
  • Photograph the property inside and out, including accessible units and balconies
  • Find out the hurricane plan for nearby construction projects

How to make a Hurricane or Flood Claim

  • Check the reporting requirements in the policy –it is not always your insurance agent –make sure all interested insurers are put on notice
  • Verbally make the claim with general information –You are not an expert and nothing requires you to email or fill out forms
  • Keep an orderly accounting of expenses and hourlies –This will be produced
  • Access the entire property before the insurance company inspects
  • Prove your damages, not coverage
  • Always make the property available for inspection
  • For Flood, proof of loss is due within 60 days of loss (not reporting)
  • For Hurricane, check Duties in the Event of a Loss or Damage
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