Are You Getting Ready for Storm Erika?

As Tropical Storm Erika draws closer to South Florida, it’s time for homeowners, businesses, homeowner/condominium associations and governments to put insurance policies into a safe location.

If your property is damaged or destroyed, that policy – complex as it may be – will serve as a guide for filing a claim and hopefully receiving full reimbursement for your losses.

As part of your hurricane preparation plan, you should also be sure that other important personal and business data is backed up and stored in the cloud or an off-site location. Now is also the time to update your contact list, including your insurance agent, a reputable contractor who could help with repairs, and a firm like GlobalPro Recovery that can help you avoid costly mistakes when filing a claim and negotiating a fair and equitable settlement.

After Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey/New York in October 2012, GlobalPro represented more than 5,000policyholders, including associations, business owners, homeowners and the National Park Service, helping them achieve more than $50 million in total recovery.

Please do not take Tropical Storm Erika lightly. The National Hurricane Center’s forecast (as of 2 pm today) shows the storm will intensify into a hurricane before the Florida Coast on Monday. Currently, the entire state is “in the cone,” indicating that significant damage could occur throughout the state. Now is the time to prepare for the coming storm.

To report a claim: 855-487-7475 or

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