The economic effects of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry have been utterly devastating. Since March, well over one hundred billion dollars in lost revenue has resulted in millions of lost jobs across the country.

As things evolve into a new “normal,” our economy struggles to survive. Almost all industries across the globe have been affected, unfortunately, the Restaurant industry is one that has felt it the most. Yelp recently reported that over half of the restaurants closed since March 2020, will not be reopening their doors.

GlobalPro specializes in helping businesses recover from loss or damage. A cornerstone of our team’s core values is an unwavering commitment to our clients. In line with these values, we decided to support hospitality clients in our community through an initiative called Love in a Bag, (#LoveinaBag)!

Our mission is to remind everyone that there is more than just food in each of their take-out or delivery bags. You will find passion, charisma, commitment, excellence, and most of all LOVE IN A BAG!

Beginning in October, GlobalPro’s social media and LinkedIn channels will feature some of our favorite restaurants in the hope that you will join us in helping restaurants get through these tough times. In the last couple of weeks, policymakers have removed some restrictions relating to social distancing, however, if you are still not ready for face-to-face interaction and dining in, there are many ways to support the restaurant industry. Ordering take-out, delivery, or even purchasing gift cards to share some love with family and friends, are great ways to come together as a community and lend a helping hand.

Click on the links below and check out the restaurants participating in our #LoveinaBag campaign:

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

Did you know that Lolita, one of Miami’s hottest restaurants, was once Miami’s Fire Station No.4? #CoolFact This former fire…

Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante

Have you ever heard of a little island in Italy called Sardinia? Or better yet, have you ever tried authentic…

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen is an electric, chic, artsy and upscale, must try that fits right in among the bustling food…

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